Counselling generally aims to solve problems by understanding what happened in the past. Coaching is almost exclusively future-focused, and client centered. Counseling means to giving advice. Coaching is giving tools and techniques to facilitate the process of an individual finding the best path for themselves.


If you want some sort of change and you are ready to take steps to achieve it, then you could benefit from having a coach.

Are you willing to dedicate the time necessary? Are you willing to complete assignments in a timely manner?

A coach need not be an expert in a particular field. Strong general knowledge in a coach is however essential in building rapport and maintaining credibility.

It depends on where you are, where you want to go, and how quickly you want to get there.  Expect anywhere from 3to 18 months.

Coaching is a process. It can and does evolve differently over time with each person.An essential part of the coaching process is asking relevant and often challenging questions. My experience allows me to do so in a way that will keep you curious about yourself and that will inspire you to stretch your thinking. The point of each session is to make you more resourceful to find your own path going forward. The focus is entirely on what you want – I do not give you advice.

Professionally trained, certified coaches charge fees in line with other highly trained professionals. Fees vary from coach to coach and are based on a variety of factors including whether it’s in-person or over the telephone. I charge on a package basis. Our fee arrangement is worked out once we’ve had a complimentary consult.

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